Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear Blog.....I am Back....

I wanted to write many a times, my biggest excuse is: my laptop has been replaced by my Ipad, which is great for browsing but not pouring your heart out on word document. This is so funny, even putting it in writing…compare it to 10 years ago, I would say, writing with a pen on a nice notepad is never the same as typing on word document. This proves the fact, times have changed and we do change ourselves knowingly or unknowingly.

Life has changed from the last time I blogged, I am no longer just “Me”, I am a mother, and I too have a family. We had a daughter “Mahi”, on July 21, 2011 and that instance changed our lives and opened our hearts to the most unselfish love, true laughter, tears of joy and made us believe in miracles. She just turned two, and I loved and thanked each and every moment of this 2 years and 9 months.

She would laugh with us, because we are laughing…and in turn we would start laughing as she is laughing. Anytime before, we would fight and I would think of me, and now the first thought that crosses my mind is her and that she needs both of us, she needs a Mama and a Papa.  I look at her and think, my parents must have felt the same for me, they must have loved us the same…and it must have been painful for them to see us grow and become distant.

Time will turn out to be as it is…but I will love her and be there for her anywhere and everywhere…I can only wish and pray and try my hardest to not become distant for her, as she grows older through her childhood, to her teens, to experiencing life on her own. My promise to Mahi, “I will be there by your side, when you find your love, if ever your heart breaks, when you need me, when you want to hang out with me, when you need advise, when you miss me.”

In the first few days of when she was born, I said to Nandan, “Imagine, she will have a baby too. She will be a mother…and I want to be there when she has her baby.” This is beauty of having a girl.

Mama…that is the feeling that makes for being alive. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My ramblings on Corruption

Anna Hazare Plays - Kaun banega corrupt pati oops..Crorepati..

Amitabh looks at Anna:
Amitabh: Namasthey. Anna Hazare ji..welcome to the show...this is your first question and chance to win 10,000 Rs.

Amitabh: What is the the shahenshah of corruption A Raja’s full name?
Anna: With a dry smile: Andhitmuthu 2G Raja

Amithabh: Are you sure ..taala laga diya jaayen?
Anna: Yeah..he should should have been behind taala long back. please do it right away

Amitabh: Hazara are a funny man :) in any case your answer is corrrrect!! you win 10,000 inaam daar rupees..clap clap clap

Amitabh: Here is your next question for 20,000 Rs. . After the report on common wealth games scandal is completed who is anticipated to be named as master mind of this shameful show in front of the world? Here are your choices:
A. Suresh Kalmadi
B. Shiela Dixit
C. Snake

D. None

Anna removes his Gandhi topi ..scratches his head..and then smiles showing his lost teeth..and exclaims...”The Snake” !!
Amitabh:Brilliant.. you are 100% right...You did not even use a life line and you are bang on target. That is right ; the snake, that showed up in the athlete’s room during the games is the perfect answer!!! It brought disgrace to the nation by showing up in the poor athlete’s room. It will be sentenced to life imprisonment.Amitabh: Anna ji, you are doing excellent. Because of your special stature..we will promote you directly to our final round and here is the question for 1 crore. --- How many buffaloes were involved in the fodder scam in which Lalu was accused of embezzlement of crores of rupees?
Here are you choices:
A. 2
B. 4
C. 11
D. None

Anna thought...and thought..he looked at Amitabh...
Anna: I would like to phone a friend:
Amitabh: Sure..who would that be?

Anna: I would like to call my sister and friend Medha Patkar
Amitabh: Sure..Let us call Medha ji.

The call goes to Medha Patkar and the question is repeated by Anna.....Medha after hearing the question loudly laughs like Narmada over phone and says..the answer is is 11.

Anna turns to Amitabh and says that is my final answer.

Amitabh is in a shock..he jumps out of his seat and shouts..Anna hazare is our new answer is perfect!!!

Crowd cheers and gets ready to light candles in front of Red Fort for Anna..Amitabh requests crowd to wait for few seconds before they rush off to light candles.

Amitabh asks......
Medha ji.. how did you know the answer? How did you know that there were only 11 buffaloes?

Medha replies..Amitabh ji, I have been a social activist for long and know many politicians’ back ground. Lalu and Rabri have 2 sons and 7 daughters..all put together..hi hi hi..
Anna walks home in his simple chappals, Gandhi toupee and a potli of crore rupees to sit under the tree.